The Love Your Camera Workshop (running since 2010) is a full day workshop that teaches participants how to shoot confidently in Manual Mode and how to take photos of people that you are proud of!

Here is a run down on the day… 


After parking easily (always a priority when a venue is chosen), you can grab a cuppa, get your camera and notebook out, and enjoy the grounds at one of the gorgeous venues.



Let the fun begin! In our warm and cosy room you learn the easy way to shoot in Manual Mode. There is no hard-to-understand lingo here – everything is explained so simply, you will be wondering how you didn’t know this sooner!

Everything is very straight forward – clear slides with lots of relevant examples.

There is a maximum of 20 people at each workshop, so there is lots of opportunity for questions and one-on-one time.


A short and yummy morning tea break


Our shooting practice starts with the duck.  He and his brothers have been modelling since day one.

While you are completing specific exercises, I am always there in the group to answer individual questions and make sure everyone is ‘getting it’!

venues 2


Before we break for lunch we make sure everyone has got their head around shutter speeds, apertures and ISO. We talk about lenses, how they change a photo, which lens to use when and what would be the best lens for ‘you’.


Lunch! You will definitely be well fed – lunch is always yummy (and all dietary needs always catered for!).


Composition, Backgrounds, Lighting! With each new concept we learn comes more shooting practice – and photographing each other! Many a new Facebook profile photo has been taken at a Love Your Camera workshop 🙂


Engaging with your Subject.  Tips for photographing your own kids, other kids and posing!

Love Your Camera is such a jam-packed day full of photography goodness – with all your photography related questions answered.



You are warmly farewelled with new skills you would not believe you could learn in just one day.  Your photography will never be the same.

I hope you can join me at a Love Your Camera workshop soon.  Angie x